Childhood & Early Life

  • Colin Lynch was born in Liverpool, England and grew up in a largely Irish Catholic working class neighbourhood. He drew early instrumental music inspirations from Radio, TV, and Cinema, as well as a wide range of vocal music from his mother Ellen, who had a a particular affection for Black American Blues, R&B, and Soul, and The Beatles.
  • Ellen was a nurse during World War II, and would often go dancing at the nearby American Air Force base and local dance halls where she was exposed to music ‘brought over from the States’ by servicemen and women, as well as visiting live bands and solo artists.
  • His father brought home a reel to reel tape recorder when Colin was about 7 years old and it quickly became “… one of the best toys I ever had!”. He bought his first record by The Beatles: ‘Help/Day Tripper’ and the albums ‘Help’ and ‘Revolver’ at age 10 from a nearby record shop called Northern Radio.
  • “When I was about 11, a 15 year old lad named ‘Michael Flanagan’, who lived just up the street, knocked at our house right out-of-the-blue trying to sell a 1958 acoustic ‘parlour guitar’ and me mother bought it for me there and then. I still have it to this day but that was it… from the second I held that guitar I knew I was gonna be my own undiscovered member of The Beatles!”
  • With just a handful of guitar chords, he performed three Beatle songs; From Me To You, I Saw Her Standing There, and Can’t Buy Me Love, with a few school friends at a Christmas Concert at Evered High School in Aintree, Liverpool when he was 12 years old. It was his first experience in front of a large crowd. Between the ages of 16 – 18, he played bass and vocals with a few semi-pro Liverpool rock bands playing various small to medium sized venues in the North West of England.


  • From the late 70s and throughout the 80s, Colin concentrated more on solo writing and recording in the studio. “I started out with just two cheap AKG mics doing vocal, bass, and guitar overdubs using two mono cassette records and gradually progressed to multitrack and digital recording. Most of the time I’d literally wake up, go write and record, take a walk in the countryside and get back to the studio writing and recording into the early hours of the morning. I’d write the lyrics, put down the drums and bass track, add vocals and guitars and occasional keyboards, and fill 60 or 90 minutes of tape with all this stuff until I ended up with about 100 tapes!”
  • In 2001, Colin moved to Canada, and concentrated most of his energy on establishing an independent online music magazine, international online music awards, and a successful independent record label.
  • In June 2013, Colin released his first solo instrumental album ‘Something for the Sleeping Girl’
Colin Lynch – Something for the Sleeping Girl
  • In August 2018, Colin released his second album ‘Philae and Rosetta’
Colin Lynch – Philae and Rosetta

Currently, Colin is busy working on two new albums; ‘Thank You Please’ which is scheduled for release in the New Year, and ‘The Little Things We Want’ due to be released in the Spring.